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Dinar Chronicles is the fascinating online product of Dinar Caller, a Dubai-based internet marketing company. The product is an e-book containing lessons on the history, current affairs, and cultural experiences of the people of Dubai from their perspective. My initial perception of this digital publication was that the information presented lacked variety. In contrast, after reading the book, I realized that every bit of information came from authentic, first-hand testimonials, which can be found more easily online.


Much of what Dinar Chronicles cover is directly related to how Dubai’s citizens live their lives. These are real-life experiences typical of the everyday life of a typical Dubai family. It is interesting to read how these experiences are interpreted by the digital version of Dubai’s elite or ordinary citizens of the emirate. Many of the digital detective stories featured in Dinar Chronicles are based on actual events that took place in Dubai and were reported by local and even international media. There’s no more mystery to how the world works, just common sense and valuable precepts for would-be detectives.

Dinar Chronicles provides an update on the latest developments in Dubai, including the publication of an updated immigration law stating that all workers working abroad in any capacity can work in the country without restrictions or exchange fees.


The book also covers changes in the tax system and the latest trends and lifestyle articles from Dubai’s savvy business and finance departments. This also includes Dubai’s handling of escalating violence in the Sinai Peninsula, such as the Islamic State of Egypt, and the resumption of fighting between different factions in Syria. As the conflict intensifies, many are afraid to travel to Sinai, dealing a devastating blow to the region’s economy. The dinar trade, which for decades helped fuel the economies of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, collapsed in the face of this new onslaught, severely disrupting both countries’ money supply.